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Most financial decisions are often made without proper planning, leading to regrets in hindsight. Furthermore, your information is scattered across various platforms.

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Magic of Compounding

Check how an investment amount as low as ₹5,000 can potentially grow you wealth significant.

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Build an investment plan

Build a solid foundation for your financial future. Choose from the various approaches.

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Tax plan for Individuals

Simple to use action plan to save your taxes for individuals. See how a small change can impact your overall savings.

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Health Insurance

Understand the policy and the cover amount required based on your requipxents.

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Life Insurance

Understand the important factors to consider and the amount before buying a life insurance policy.

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Understand your spending

Analyze your statement by breaking it down and identifying the key expenses to gain valuable insights

In the future, we aim to add additional tools such as building your idea, credit card spend analyser, a tool to help you escape debt, an e-will on blockchain, and more.

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Frequently asked questions

Filot is a platform that provides you with tools to help you make informed decisions. We offer a wide range of resources, including investment plans and insurance information, to help you educate yourself. You can think of us as your second opinion or your go-to source for information, depending on your preference.

Our team partners with industry experts to provide you with modern, cutting-edge tools. We believe that it's the power of the human mind that drives success, and we strive to constantly bring you the latest technologies to make it easier for you to make good decisions. We are committed to pushing ourselves to bring you the best resources possible.

Yes, most of our tools are free. However, we may offer paid subscriptions for some tools in the future. Before implementing any pricing changes, we will consult with our early adopters and consider their feedback. If you are interested in having a say in these decisions, consider joining our early adopters list.

Currently, we rely on open source data providers to keep costs low. The information we provide is for informational purposes only, and we recommend consulting with a SEBI-registered advisor before taking any action based on the information we provide. If we introduce a subscription model in the future, we may use paid services to enhance the accuracy of our information.

We are a tech platform only, and you are free to choose the execution platform(s) (Zerodha, Groww, HDFC). Having said that, we will provide unbiased recommendations for your consideration. We'll never show ads and we'll never sell your data.

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